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Food Studies Certificate


The Food Studies Certificate is an undergraduate academic program designed to help students acquire both broad and specific skills and training in the interdisciplinary field of Food Studies. Students can customize their certificates to best suit their individual career and intellectual goals. This certificate benefits students interested in pursuing careers in fields such as education, food science, food writing, hospitality and tourism, health services, conservation and environmental stewardship, museum studies, agriculture, and many other areas.


To earn a Food Studies Certificate, students must complete 12 hours at UNT, including 9 advanced credits of coursework relevant to food studies.

Required Courses:

3 hours from:

  • HIST 4495 United States Food History
  • PHIL 4300 Philosophy of Food

Plus three courses (9 hours):

Including, but not limited to, the following:

  • BIOL 1142 Microbes and Society
  • FREN 4075 The Role of Food in French Society
  • HIST 4275 American Environmental History
  • HIST 4276 Animal Histories
  • HIST 4405 History of the Body
  • HIST 4406 Sickness and Health in U.S. History
  • HIST 4495 United States Food History
  • HMGT 1450 Principles of Nutrition
  • HMGT 3470 Global Kitchen: A Culinary Journey
  • JOUR 4230 Arts and Culture Journalism
  • KINE 3030 Fundamentals of Sport Nutrition
  • KINE 4300 Exercise Leadership
  • PHIL 4300 Philosophy of Food
  • WLCC 3310 The Best of French Pop Culture

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